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The Brush Set Every Makeup Rookie Needs!

The Brush Set Every Makeup Rookie Needs!

Finding the right makeup brushes can be overwhelming! With so many options and styles on the market it can leave makeup beginners with many questions! Luckily Glam Theory Cosmetics has released a set to simplify that process and its super affordable too!! The brushes are designed and pieced together into this set by Makeup Artist and Educator @elizamadelinemakeup

Basic Bundle - $98.00AUD

At only $98.00AUD for 7 brushes that works out to $14.00AUD per brush! #bargain!

So what's in it?!


A Foundation Brush

201 Buffer Brush- For quick and easy foundation application this synthetic buffer brush is your go to! Densely bound with a flat top your foundation will be so flawless your skin will look like silk! 
@elizamadelinemakeup's Tips: When I need to be out the door in 5 minutes this brush makes things quick and easy! Pump foundation straight onto the brush and buff in circular motions onto the face. 
A Powder Brush

001 Powder Brush - Tulip-shaped powder application brush, perfectly tapered to allow for versatility of use. Beautifully soft thanks to high quality natural fibres you will be able to create a flawless finish every time!

@elizamadelinemakeup's Tips: This fluffy brush is used best to apply powders softly and evenly to the face. The tapered end of the brush makes bronzer application flawless! 


A Blush/Bronzer/Contour Brush

002 Cheek Colour Brush - Perfectly shaped for your dusting colour on over your cheeks, the density of the brush allows of strong pigment payoff whilst the fluffy edges ensure the colour is equally dispersed and blended to create a gorgeous glow of colour on the face.

@elizamadelinemakeup's Tips: Use to dust blush over the apples of your cheeks and then use the excess over the tip of your nose and lightly over the forehead to add colour and consistency to the face! Also doubles as a bronzer and contour brush!


A Highlighter Brush

003 Glow Brush - These super soft, tapered bristles will allow your highlight to hit a whole new level of glow.

@elizamadelinemakeup's Tips: Love using this brush to apply my glow products to the face. First I apply to the highest points of my cheek bones and sweep up toward my temples. Then I dust lightly over the bridge of my nose, forehead and cupids bow for the ultimate glowy finish.


An Eyeshadow Application Brush 

007 Pack and Blend - It's called 007 for a reason, this brush is you right hand man for eyeshadow application. This brush may be small but boy is it mighty! This brush knows how to pack, place and bring the most out of the pigment in your shadows whilst diffusing with its fluffy edges at the same time! 

@elizamadelinemakeup's Tips: I CANNOT live without this brush! For the ultimate pigment pay off with your eyeshadow go straight in on a wet base with your eyeshadow and use the brush in a packing motion. The shadows will immediately have beautiful colour pay off and blend with ease!


A Eyeshadow Blending Brush

008 Diffuser Brush - Assembled with the mission to blend any edge in mind. The diffuser brush melts shadows together effortlessly. The tapered shape allows the brush to adapt to any eye shape, softening transitions for a flawless finish! 

@elizamadelinemakeup's Tips: A flawless blend is every makeup queens mission and this brush gets it done every time. I always say, if your tools are correct they will do the job for you! Dab this brush very lightly into your bronzer and apply softly to the edges of your shadow for the ultimate blown out, smokey edge!


A Brow Brush

014 Brow Brush - Crafted with gorgeous pahmi hair, this brush will sculpt, shape and tame your gorgeous arches no matter what brow style you prefer! 

@elizamadelinemakeup's Tips: When crafting the perfect brow, pressure is everything! A light hand and strokes will result in a softer brow whilst a heavier hand will create a structured brow. This brush also doubles as an eyeliner brush! BONUS!

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Feb 09, 2024

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