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Brush Cleaning 101 & How Often You Should Do It

Brush Cleaning 101 & How Often You Should Do It

It's the job we all love to hate, we all know we should wash our brushes regularly but let's be honest it's just not fun! We have all been there, rushing to get ready in the morning before work, or trying to do a smokey eye for a night out and apply lashes all while your partner is moaning and groaning "ARE YOU DONE YET?!" and "WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW!", we rush out the door thinking I should really wash my brushes. Tomorrow comes around and the cycle happens again, you know you should do it, but time simply doesn't allow and the thought leaves your brain until the next day once again. Before you know it you haven't washed your brushes in months and the bacteria and product build up in those brushes you touch your face with everyday is out of control! 

So let us help you, we want to make your life easier and your brushes cleaner! By following the steps below, not only will your brushes look and feel cleaner they will also last longer! If you follow these steps your brushes will last a lifetime, ultimately saving you money! Now who doesn't like the sound of that. 

First things first, use our Gentle Clean Brush Cleaner and Sanitiser to keep your brushes free of bacteria and reduce product build up between uses. This product is made with pure 100% Isopropyl Alcohol, this instantly kills any bugs or bacteria lingering on your brush which can contribute to breakouts! The biggest draw card here is it dries INSTANTLY! So no waiting around for your brushes to dry. 

STEP 1- Spritz brush with Gentle Clean Brush Cleaner and Sanitiser, a little goes a long way!

STEP 2- Wipe brush on paper towel to remove product.

STEP 3- Wait 5-10 seconds for brush to dry.


How often should I sanitise my brushes? So you are going to want to use this one as often as possible, ideally between each use but every 1-3 uses is fine. By using this product you can extend how long you can go between deep cleans.


The product that makes deep cleans fun! 


Our Solid Deep Clean Balm is our bestseller for a reason, its quick to use and smells amazing! After reading this you'll say goodbye to dirty brushes forever!

Step 1 - Wet your brush

Run your brushes under lukewarm water. It is important to avoid completely submerging the entire brush under water as this can loosen the glue in the ferrule causing damage to your brush and cause expansion in the wooden handle. Position the brush so that just the hairs are exposed to the water. 

Step 2- Work up a lather

Gently swirl your brush over the surface of the balm until a foam appears. You may need to repeat this a few times to ensure that all the hairs have been covered.

Step 3- Deep Clean

Use the silicone mat in the lid to lather the product through the brush. The grooves in the mat allow for the product to disperse through the entire brush and ensures a deep clean that penetrates the pores of the brush hairs. This is especially important in our natural hair brushes. Using the mat will double your cleaning power meaning you won't have to repeat wash as many times.

Step 4- Rinse

Rinse until water runs clear. Make sure to squeeze the brush to ensure no soap remains.

Step 5 - Dry

Shape brushes and lay flat with the hair off the edge of a table to dry. This allows air to reach all sides of the brush meaning they will dry quicker! It is important to not dry your brushes upright in a canister or jar, this can cause the water to run down into the ferrule of the brush and break down the glue. Oh and those little netted sleeves that come with your brushes, don't throw them out! Slip them on for the drying process to help your brushes stay in shape!

How often should I deep clean my brushes? It's important to deep clean your brushes regularly. If you are using the Gentle Clean Brush Cleaner and Sanitiser you can go a bit longer between deep cleans but it is recommended at least once every 2-4 weeks depending on how often you apply makeup.

Now it's time to clean those brushes!!! No more excuses! 


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